Our parents saw retirement as an abrupt transition from a life dominated by work to
one exclusively focused on leisure activities.  For those of us approaching retirement
today, needs and requirements are vastly different than previous generations.  We live
and work longer and play more.  Retirement today is a gradual process in which work,
family, volunteering, and play is blended to meet individual needs.  Such a complex
transition requires planning to integrate all of the key components that constitute a
successful retirement.

•        Do you have a plan to move from a full work environment to a mix of work,
volunteer and/or leisure            activities?  
•        Are you ready to make some changes in your approach to work?  
•        What will you do with the extra 5840 hours each year after you retire - when you’
re not sleeping?   

Most of us spend more time planning for a two (2) week vacation than we do in
planning out our time for the next 20-30 years!  Having worked with individuals and
families in transition, I have found that the following seven (7) areas all have a
significant impact on the success of “Retirement”.  

After reading each sentence, rate it from 1 – 5 based upon your agreement with the
following statements:
  5 – strongly agree
  4 – somewhat agree
  3 – neither agree nor disagree    
  2 – somewhat disagree
  1 – strongly disagree

Perception of Age

_____I feel good about how old I am and what I look like.
_____For someone my age, I feel I have done well.
_____Age is a state of mind.
_____I live in the present and not the “good old’ days”.
_____I ask for senior discounts when applicable.

How you Experience Change

_____Retiring represents a new phase in my life and my ability to contribute in a different way.
_____I can’t wait to retire so that I can fulfill all my dreams.
_____I can’t wait to be old enough so that I don’t have to impress anyone anymore.
_____I want to be in control of my schedule not my boss and others.
_____I am excited about the variety of opportunities that retirement brings.  

Family / Social Support

_____I am glad that my children are all out on their own and not dependent upon me.
_____My parents are elderly and have already structured ways for them to take care of each other as
      they get older.
_____I have a strong network of friends outside of work.
_____I am involved in a variety of outside activities.
_____I look forward to spending a lot of time with my family.

Life Meaning, Passion & Purpose

_____I spend a lot of time focusing on myself and/or deeper meaning.
_____I know what my purpose is in life and I am ready to pursue it.
_____I do volunteer work and feel I am doing something important.
_____I am looking forward to writing my biography to share with my kids and grand kids.
_____I am driven to achieve certain things in life that will make a significant impact on others.

Work / Play

_____I want to do some sort of work well into my 70’s and 80’s.
_____I have lots of outside activities and interests.
_____I am ready to do things differently …work and play.
_____My life has been fairly balanced between work and play.
_____I have lots of friends outside work.

Health (physical, emotional and spiritual)

_____I have a good support network of family and friends.
_____I exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.
_____My family history of longevity is high so I should live a long time.
_____I have faith in a higher power.
_____I have a positive attitude.


_____I have an up to date will.
_____I believe I have enough money to retire comfortably.
_____I won’t need to work to pay for health costs.
_____My finances are reviewed regularly to ensure maximum returns.
_____I don’t have a lot of debt.

Your Score:

35 – 46
Now is a good time to start planning for your future.  There are actions you can take right now that will
help you position yourself for a more successful “rest of your life”.     

47 – 127 While you have done some planning regarding your future you might want to focus on the
categories where your scores were the highest and develop a plan to lower those scores where possible.

128 – 175 Obviously you have thought about your future and are doing what you can to ensure you are

If your score is lower than you would like in any of these first six life areas, contact me to determine how
you can increase your success potential in creating the retirement lifestyle that you want.  

If you are interested in attending a seminar or forming a discussion group, please let me know.

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