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    Add Retirement Lifestyle planning to your practice!

    by Pam Venne, MA, LPC
    •        Licensed Professional Counselor
    •        Career Transition Counselor and Executive Coach

    I am also delivering the program for the over 50 crowd at Richland College Oct 4 and 11 from
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    Recommended Attendees:  * Licensed Professional Counselors, * Psychologists, * Marriage and Family Therapists, * Gerontologists,
    * Career Counselors, * Clergy, * Any professional who is looking at retiring in the next few years *

    COURSE OUTLINE                                            
    I.        Program Overview & Expectations
    II.       Retirement - Old vs. New Perceptions

    III.      Retirement Decisions Must Include
    IV.      Perceptions of Age
    V.       Dealing with Change
    VI.      Family / Social Support   
    VII.     Life Meaning / Passion / Purpose  

    VIII.    Work / Play   
    IX.     Health  
    X.      Financial Security    
    XI.     Location, Location, Location   

    XII.    Identifying Options   
    XIII.   Creating a Plan

           Causes and Cures
    Diagnosing and Treating Career Burnout
       Nov. 21, 2008 Course    #CEODO75-012
9 AM - noon
Course Outline                                                                                         

.     Program Overview & Expectations

     II.    Defining Burnout
          i.   Symptoms
          ii.  3 Components of Burnout
                  a.  Physical
                  b.  Emotional
                  c.  Physical

     III.  Causes of Burnout
          i.   Burnout or Peak Performer
          ii.  Why do people stay

     IV.  Cures
          i.  Individual
                  a.  Identify if it is wrong career or culture
                  b.  Assessments to use
                  c.  Generational impact
          ii.  Work team and/or family
          iii.  Organization



Δ The Venné Group  
FRIDAY      1 - 4 PM
Nov. 21, 2008
  Course #CEPDO75-0
Collin County Community College
4800 Preston Park Blvd
Plano, TX
Counselors: This event is co-sponsored
by the American Counseling Association.  As
an organization approved by the National
Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), the
American Counseling Association (ACA) is
offering up to 3.0 contact hours or 0.3hours of
continuing education units (CEU’s) for this
event.  ACA maintains responsibility for the
program.  ACA adheres to NBCC Continuing
Education Guidelines.  For any inquires
regarding CE, please call 1-800-347-6647 at
Other Health Professionals:  
Participants successfully completing this
course will receive course completion
certificates.  For rules governing continuing
education credit, participants should contact
their respective regulatory boards.
Other Professionals:  This seminar
qualifies for 3 continuing education hours as
required by many national, state and local
licensing boards and professional
organizations.  Save your course outline and
certificate of completion, and contact your
own board or organization for specific filing
Collin County Community College Lunch-Time Certificate Series
            Fridays 11:30 - 1:30 Courtyard Center
                           Bring your lunch
Management Development Series  $179 for 10 2-hour sessions
                     OR $19 for each session
                 To Register call 972.985.3721
In order to burn out one has to have been
on "FIRE" at one time.
It is not job stress, fatigue, alienation  or