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    Pamela Venné,  MA, LPC, Principal

    Pam Venné is a proven management style coach, licensed professional
    counselor and career transition consultant who provides HR advice
    and guidance to organizations during times of significant transition
    and change.  She draws upon more than 30 years of corporate
    experience, professional training and personal learning to provide
    valuable insights and guidance to clients during difficult transitions.  
    Her ability to quickly establish credibility and comprehend challenges
    helps expedite the process and identifies new avenues for career
    success and satisfaction for managers to top executives from a
    wide range of professions and industries.  

    Through her work with over 1,000 senior and mid-level executives at Fortune 500 corporations,
    entrepreneurial companies, consulting practices and non-profit organizations, both on
    executive coaching and career transition assignments, Pam has gained a wealth of knowledge
    about what causes executives to succeed or derail their careers.  

    Pam’s human resources career began in a specialty chocolate manufacturing company, the
    Ziegler Candy Co. in Milwaukee.  She subsequently led senior HR management functions at
    several national organizations, including Erie Manufacturing Company, Foodservice
    Management, Ireco Chemicals, Kelly Services, and at The Southland Corporation (7-Eleven), a
    Fortune 50 company.

    In 1990, she left the corporate world and launched her successful consulting career. She
    became a Vice President at Reedie & Company, a regional outplacement and HR consulting
    and coaching boutique specializing in senior executive support.  Reedie was later acquired by
    Spherion Corporation, one of the nation’s largest career outplacement and HR counseling
    companies.  Because of her reputation for outstanding results, Pam was recruited in 2002, into
    Optimance, another entrepreneurial consulting firm, to help build their executive coaching
    practice.   In 2004, she followed her entrepreneurial drives and established her own practice,
    focusing on three areas:

    •        Leadership Skills Development
    •        Retirement Lifestyle Planning
    •        Career Transition Coaching

    Pam has been an active leader at both the local and national board levels of the Society of
    Human Resource Managers and Association of Career Professionals International (ACP
    International).  During her two-year tenure as President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of ACP
    International, the membership more than doubled through the efforts of well-placed staff and
    her leadership style. Sheled the Affinity Program for the national board of ACP International.  In
    addition, she has served on the board of Love for Kids, a non-profit organization to enrich the
    quality of life of the young and young-at-heart within the Dallas/Ft. Worth community who are in
    need of benevolent services.

    She has been quoted in nationally syndicated articles (Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News,
    and Salt Lake City Tribune) on executive coaching, career transition and its impact on the
    family, and retirement issues.

    Pam received her MA degree in counseling from Amberton University and Bachelor’s degree
    from North Central College in Naperville, IL.  She is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in

                You can reach Pam Venné at (214) 766-5067

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