Lifestyle Planning
Services We Provide

Executive Coaching
Improved effectiveness for 1000+ executives through individual
contributors.  Structured and implemented personal development
plans to:
  • Improve productivity
  • Build better leadership skills
  • Enhance overall communication skills
  • Retain key staff

Created personal development plans using:
  • 360 methodology
  • Validated instruments
  • One-on-one interactions

Enhanced executive presence through:
  • Image coaching (body language, attire, make-up, hair style)
  • Dining etiquette

Problem resolution coaching for:
  • Harassment issues
  • Appreciating differences

Teambuilding and Group Facilitation
Provides common ground for new leaders and newly formed /
merged teams to move forward.  
  • Enables smooth transition and reduces ramp up time
  • Business strategy definition and planning
  • Personality and management style assessments used to
        appreciate differences
  • Hands-on learning or theoretical options available

Career Transition Services / Outplacement
Provided individual and group program design and coaching for
successful transitions for thousands since 1990 from on-site
transition through negotiation of offer and on-boarding.

  • Staff reduction planning and execution to minimize litigation   
  • Customized individual and group programs
  • Supervisor notification coaching
  • Change management training and implementation
  • Actions plans to retain and motivate retained staff

Career Make Over   - 5/14/09
Career Make Over   

Retirement Lifestyle Planning
Wrote Your Next 25 Years to help individuals recognize the
stumbling blocks generally encountered in the retirement transition
process and how to plan to avoid them.

  • Enable smooth emotional and financial transitions for
    valued     employees
  • Retain knowledge and business process continuity of
      potential / recent retirees
  • Individual programs, group presentations and workshops

More In-Depth Details of Services.....

  • CAREER TRANSITION COACHING  Individually tailored and structured to review
    your career and identify where you have been the happiest, most challenged
    and most productive.  We then help you recreate that situation or identify what
    has been missing in your career and provide insight and tools to achieve those
    goals.  These services target these specific areas:
  1. Company to company (same job - different culture)
  2. Different position or promotion
  3. Career change

    This very effective process begins by reviewing where your career has taken
    you, where you want to go, and then assess the marketplace for viability.  Once
    you have established the direction you want to go we help you create your
    written and verbal marketing collateral (resume, business cards, cover letters,
    elevator speech, answers to tough questions and interview preparation).  We
    have found that unless these are all in alignment then the best written resume
    will not effectively represent you nor help you achieve your goals.  
    In addition, we help you create a personalized marketing plan that
    encompasses the strategies you should be utilizing in your search.  This plan
    establishes measurable goals and drives your activities in a measurable and
    productive way.
                We teach you how to efficiently utilize the Internet in your
                search, build a supportive network, target specific
                companies / industries and  work with recruiters.

    During your transition we will be there to serve as a coach and sounding board
    from the beginning of your search to the evaluation and negotiation of  job
  • RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE PLANNING -  With 10,000 people in the US turning 55
    each day a number of us are struggling with what to do with the rest of our lives.
    We will help you guide you to constructively approach this inevitable destiny by
    taking charge of your future and planning for the transition. You will understand
    the importance of planning for this step by including specific life areas and
    come away with tools that can impact your life immediately.  Life areas include:
  • Perceptions of Aging
  • Dealing with Change
  • Family / Social Support
  • Work and Play
  • Life Meaning
  • Health
  • Finances

    More so than ever we are identifying ourselves by what we do, not who we are,
    as we cross that ephemeral boundary we are not sure who we are, have
    become or are supposed to be.  We miss terribly the ease of identification and
    recognition that has served us so well through out our work lives.  You will
    become aware of the:
  • complexities of the decisions that need to be made,
  • anxiety it causes,
  • planning required to take charge of the process, and
  • loss that is experienced as a result.

    In addition, you will understand why our parents never advised us of these
    issues. The average life expectancy for a man today is 76. This brings some
    unique opportunities.


    In addition to individual coaching I also speak at events and present the
    following seminars:


    Interactive dialogue and fun exercises make learning a pleasure and more
    likely that the knowledge will be retained.

    1.        Communication Skills –the Importance of Body Language (1 hr.)
    We can make a statement without even opening our mouth!  Do you know what
    your body is saying?  Is it congruent with the verbal message you are
    delivering?  If not, how can you know and what can you do about it?

    2.        Common Mistakes in Conversations (1 hr.)
    What are the most common mistakes we make in listening to and
    communicating with someone else?  How do we recognize them and how can
    we correct them?  How detrimental are they to your work and personal

    3.        What is the Difference Between Power and Authority?         (1 hr.)
    How do you know you have power?  How do you use it?  Is it beneficial or does
    it cause more harm than good?  Real life situations are discussed to give more
    impact to the learning process.

    4.        How do you Delegate to and Motivate Employees? (1.5 hr.)
    How important is the way you delegate responsibilities?  How often should you
    check up on the progress?  Should you just leave them alone?  What if they
    don’t do it the way you would?  Fun role plays make this a significant learning

    5.        Making the Transition from Managing Self to Managing Others (1.5 hr.)
    Quite often the highest performing individual contributors are reluctant to
    change.  They want to continue doing what had made them successful.  First
    time managers need to learn to reallocate their time so that they not only
    complete their work but also help others perform effectively.  

    6.        Appreciating Differences in Style (2- 3 hr.)
    Utilizing the Myers Briggs Temperament Index (MBTI) scores from the team
    they begin to appreciate that they all have specific styles that work best for
    them.  They also learn that their way is not necessarily the best way and how to
    utilize the different approaches to maximize problem solving efforts.  Interactive
    situations allow the group to immediately see how people on their team think
    and how it is utilized to achieve every day goals.

    7.       Giving Positive Feedback and Constructive Guidance (1.5 hr.)
    What is the impact of both methods, when should they be utilized.  What are the
    up and downsides of both. What are the most common mistakes, how to avoid
    them.  Role playing enhances the experience and gives hands-on experience.  

    8.        Crucial Conversations – Basics (2 hr.)
    Understanding how important the communication process is and the natural
    mistakes most of us make.  Learning how to manage this process in a positive
    manner is of paramount importance in the world of work as it is in our home
    and or personal interactions.  

    9.        Understanding when to use “Ask vs. Tell” approach in conversations (2
    Is your organization an Ask or a Tell environment?  What is the difference
    between the two?  When should you use one versus the other?  Understanding
    the difference between telling someone what you want and asking them how
    you can help or support them is a powerful paradigm shift.  Fun exercises and
    interactive role plays bring this approach into immediate use.

    10.        Building Leaders – A Pipeline Approach (45 min to 1.5 hr.)
    A basic primer on understanding what the stumbling blocks are as you go
    forward in a career.  What are the value changes you must make and how to go
    about it?

    11.        How to Run an Effective Meeting (1 hr.)
    How many times have you been in meeting where it appears that nothing gets
    accomplished?  What are effective ways to keep meetings short, to the point,
    focused and follow up items delegated?  Understanding the importance of a
    parking lot and an agenda.

    12.        Why Things Go Wrong (1 hr.)
    What are the most prevalent situations that cause career derailment?  How can
    you identify them and what can you do to prevent it from happening?

    13.        How to Identify Hidden Anger (1hr.)
    Anger is one of those emotions that if stuffed will come out in strange ways.  Do
    you have hidden anger?  How is it exhibiting itself in your management style
    and life?  Is this good or bad?  How do you process or manage your anger?

    14.        Written Etiquette in the Work Place (45 min.)
    In today’s busy world, is your email telling things you don’t want conveyed?  
    What are the rules in today’s electronic environment for communicating in

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